Well, who would have thought it? Two home games on successive weekends! From a personal point of view, I prefer the fixtures to be spread out more over the season. The fixtures tend to be like buses, you wait ages for one and then two turn up at the same time!

We looked good for a great deal of the match against Leicester Tigers, but the boys seemed to run out of petrol towards the end. Sound familiar?

And how are people finding getting to the BCS? We have had some interesting experiences among members of the Wolfhounds committee following last weekend’s match.

Big Al, our excellent photographer and Membership Secretary had a pretty seamless journey from his home in the Greater Reading area to the stadium by bus and train.

Duncan, our Media man who creates the popular Exile Files also had an easy journey from his home in Berkshire, via train to Ealing and then taking a bus to the ground.

Unfortunately, Mick, our Honorary Secretary, and his wife Debbie, got caught up in the gridlocked traffic in the Colnbrook area near Slough and, having left their home near Basingstoke at 1.15pm, arrived at the ground 10 minutes into the second half! Not good! There were a number of sections of the M4 closed due to road works and it inevitably had a big knock-on effect.

My wife Vicki and I had an uneventful drive, taking about an hour to get from our home, also in Berkshire, to the BCS and about the same to get back.

Southwestern Railway had also closed several sections of the network for engineering works last weekend, which also made it difficult for some fans to get to the ground.

You might be interested to hear about a company called Your Parking Space. Easily found online, the company offers private parking spaces from people signed up to the service, with prices from as little as £5, and a short walk from the stadium. You then download the app to your phone, which provides details of how to get to your space. Well worth checking out.

There is also information about parking to be found on the London Irish Supporters Club website. We would be interested to hear any hints and tips from members about public transport and car parking at the BCS.

Finally, we can announce the supporters club AGM will take place at Hazelwood on the evening of Thursday 25 November. We will also be offering the option for members to join the meeting via Zoom, as we did last year, for those who find it difficult to get to the training ground midweek, or who simply feel more comfortable being at home. Further details of the meeting will follow nearer to the date.

I am still banging the drum to encourage more members to join the Wolfhounds committee; no experience or special skill sets are required, just enthusiasm and a sense of fun!

Finally, enjoy the match. Gloucester seem to be coming into form and it will not be easy. That said, there aren’t any easy fixtures in the Premiership, are there?

Jerry Browne, Chairman, London Irish Supporters Club