Dear fellow Supporters Club member,

I thought it would be worthwhile, at the beginning of a new season, to give you an update on the activities of the Supporters Club, and the committee’s plans for the coming season.

One of the principal objectives of the Supporters Club is to support the London Irish Academy. To that end, this season we are sponsoring Tarek Haffar and Marcus Rhodes. In addition, we are also sponsoring Lovejoy Chawatama and Ben Atkins, as we did last year.

We have also made contact with the other Premiership Supporters Clubs, and set up a Supporters Club forum. It is early days yet, but we are establishing a guide to each of our grounds, with parking and travel information, refreshments available inside the ground, and pubs restaurants etc in the locality of each ground, for home and away fans.

We have opened up a regular dialogue with the management of London Irish to discuss information and items of concern, positive and negative, that you, the members of the supporters club communicate to us. So let us know your comments on your match day experience, ticketing etc.

One important area to many people is being grouped with other Irish supporters at away matches. We will be discussing that with the club.

As part of the ‘Ground Guide’, that all clubs are working on, we will be seeking to establish a rallying point for our supporters to meet with each other, and to meet with visiting Supporters Clubs. That is not easy to identify at the moment, as you can’t move from the North Stand to the South Stand and vice versa. However, we are working on it.

It does look as though this year’s AGM will have to be on Zoom again, we are planning to hold it at the end of November, but hopefully we may be able to use Hazelwood once again by then (watch this space!).

Without the use of Hazelwood at present we are struggling to arrange events for members. We would happily consider any ideas that you the members might like to suggest.

Following the recent merchandise survey that many of you responded to, we are now putting together lists of products and sourcing suppliers. So, we hope, very soon, that you will be able to purchase goods with the new Wolfhounds logo.

We must apologise once again to members that we have been unable find a supplier of car stickers at a reasonable price. Hopefully we will have them for next season.

We are actively looking for more committee members, one of the roles we will be seeking to fill is Secretary, which entails setting committee meeting agendas and taking / circulating the minutes of meetings. As we become more active over the next few months, we will be needing more assistance.

I hope you found this update useful and hope to meet many of you at the BCS.

Jerry Browne,
LISC Chairman