LISC Survey Results 2016 – Comments & Suggestions from Members
Below are the full range of Member comments and suggestions in the free form area of the survey. We have responded to each one;

“Members-only interview with a first XV player each month”
This is a great idea and the LISC will look to ask the club on this in pre-season.

“Gathering for all LISC members prior to each home game to get to know each other.”
We have a natural meeting place in the LISC tent but could look to facilitate some pre-match social meet ups via the Exile Files newsletter.

“Maybe more quality merchandise e.g. Polo’s”
Stay tuned! Designs in-progress!

“Smaller items for sale for children, eg pens, pencils rugby ball key ring etc”
We will certainly look into the feasibility of these however the club do produce some of these items already.

“Club Membership bar for Club Members only and guests with some Irish music before the match to get us in the mood. I’m more than willing to supply the music!”
Not sure the LISC can invest in a bar…! But we have been in discussions with the club around adding more interest to the post-match function including music.

“A better representation on the LI web site. Also keep the LISC page up to date.”
We do have pages on the club’s site and this past season the Marketing team have facilitated every request with getting news out including coach travel and on social media. The LISC website will be refreshed this summer.

“Working as close as possible with the Club is key. Not sure he’d be interested but a Meet the Chairman (Mr Crossan) evening would be interesting,,,,?”
Our relationship with the club has gotten much better with direct input into the Supporters Forums, meetings at Hazelwood and on matchdays. We would be happy to invite Mr Crossan to an evening and if he is amenable to a friendly LISC Q&A.

“More relationship with Amateur side”
We’re happy to hear suggestions here on how the LISC can help with the amateurs or have a relationship with the amateurs. Please make any direct suggestions here to

“Perhaps the opportunity of a “meet the fan” piece in the programme for different supporters club members to introduce themselves will both build the knowledge of the supporters clubs and add something fun to the pre-match read.”
We are happy to change up the LISC page in the programme from next season and of course willing to take volunteers for this. Feel free to get in touch to volunteer!

“Website needs massive improvement, the content is not kept up to date, I would suggest match reviews, interviews with players and a new layout “
Sadly we do not have a fulltime webmaster with all committee functions shared between (currently) 5 of us. We desperately need volunteers and if you can spare a few hours a month we could make all these changes!

“I would like LISC to obtain seats grouped together for away games but not just for those using the LISC coach.”
Our group away tickets this past season was open to all London Irish supporters, not just LISC members (though they received a discount) or coach goers. With the drop to the Championship we will again investigate these and all fans are free to purchase.

“More events in Reading.”
We try as much as possible to share the events out and minimise costs so Hazelwood and our pub sponsor The Gateway in Reading are both ‘home’ venues. But depending on events we will try and get a good mix.

“Think about wheelchair users if you are getting group tickets as we are often sat nowhere near other LI supporters”
We will add this into our requests with the fellow Championship teams next season, subject to availability and location of disabled facilities.

“LISC members tend to go to all home games.  So a meeting for all members at the Madejski Stadium once or twice a year could be beneficial.”
This is a very good point and given the geographical spread of our membership, we might ask the club for use of the facilities once or twice a season say for our AGM which usually has a club representative.

“A Facebook & Twitter presence would be good.”
We already do! The links are on our website and every Exile Files newsletter (at the bottom). But you can find the pages here;

“We love the quiz night so more of these would be good, also meet the ref evenings are brilliant”
The Quiz Nights in the past have been hard to gain attendance for, maybe because they take place on weekday nights but we always try to see if we can fit them back in. We always run a Meet the Ref night so look out for another next season.

“More interaction between coaching staff and supporters club like meeting defence/attack coaches”
In our suggested events this ranked very highly so we will definitely try and get the coaches next season to see if we can have some sort of ‘Attack/Defence Masterclass’.

“Send email info out a bit earlier”
We got this feedback a few times and we will aim next season to get the Newsletter out on Mondays or Tuesdays next season.

“In the good old days we used to do charity stuff – abseiling down Twickenham, Oxford midnight stroll for Oxon Rob etc – this gave another focus for the supporters.”
Another great suggestion – its been a long time since such events were run and we will look into doing something ‘a bit different’ for charity next season. If you have a suggestion as ever we’d love to hear it.

“On coaches many people know each other but I don’t. Maybe intro on bus, or vague plan of where people might meet etc.”
We’re not sure how many coaches can feasibly be run next year given distance/cost but we will do some and happy to do some MC work…!

“More information on family / kid membership sent out”
We currently don’t have a family / child LISC membership option given that most of our events are adult orientated and the Diggers Club/Junior Exiles Club run by LI caters for kids.

“My LISC shirts are old and dated, we need something new to spread the word”
Coming soon…!

Many Thanks to all of you who took part in the survey. If you have any further comments or suggestions please contact us at