LISC Survey Results 2016

The LISC asked our members to respond to a short survey at the end of season 2015-16 to gain their views on the LISC, what we do, and where we can improve. Below is a summary of the survey.

The Survey was responded to by 103 Members.

Length of Membership
The average length of membership from respondents was 7 years.

Which Benefits do you like most?
Most of our respondents like the representative voice we give to our members as well as our unique merchandise;

  • 66 – Representative Voice with Club
  • 63 – Unique Merchandise
  • 55 – Exclusive Free Events
  • 36 – Competitions for Hospitality
  • 30 – Away Coach Travel
  • 29 – Discounted Away Tickets

Have you used our Away Travel service?
Most of our respondents answered no;

  • 84 – No
  • 19 – Yes

If not – why not?
When asking why members haven’t travelled using our coach service, there was a variety of responses;

  • 31 – I don’t go / rarely go to Away matches
  • 30 – No pickup near me
  • 19 – Much rather go by car
  • 16 – N/A I have used the coach
  • 3 – Too Expensive

What coach pick-up would tempt you if you were to go?
The majority of respondents would not be tempted by away travel regardless of location;

  • 31 – None
  • 7 – Bracknell
  • 6 – Chieveley Services
  • 6 – Wokingham
  • 5 – Twickenham
  • 4 – Slough

Other responses; Several for Basingstoke, and a smattering across Oxford, Leatherhead, Maidenhead, Andover, Hatton Cross and Swindon. Other responses deemed too far.
Based on the responses to Away Coach Travel coupled with certain tricky Championship venues in all likelihood we may only run a few coaches next season (Bedford likely the most viable).

Do you want more Group Ticket deals?
Last season the LISC organised several away trips in order to secure lower costs and allowing fans the opportunity to guarantee sitting together. Overwhelmingly members want us to continue securing these (where possible);

  • 82 – Yes please
  • 12 – No, I’ll go via LI ticket office
  • 9 – Not interested in Away Matches

What Merchandise do you want LISC to offer?
The LISC has for years offered a range of Merchandise. Members voted Clothing overwhelmingly as their favourite range;

  • 80 – Unique Clothing
  • 42 – Useful Matchday Items
  • 28 – Accessories
  • 26 – Fun Drinking Items
  • 8 – Not interested in Merchandise

The LISC are currently investigating multiple clothing lines for the new season including a special Championship range and celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Powergen Cup win.

What Events do you want?
The LISC run several free events for members each year and Members were asked what their preference would be for events in 2016;

  • 61 – Meet the Coaches
  • 58 – Meet the Chief Executive
  • 43 – Season Preview Night
  • 38 – Video Analysis Review
  • 37 – Car Park Parties
  • 36 – Meet the Academy
  • 34 – Sportsman’s Dinner
  • 23 – Quiz Nights
  • 23 – End of Season Dinner / Dance

Other suggestions included “A good Irish Night” and a return of “Meet the Judge”. The LISC are investigating several of these this summer with a view to inviting members in the new season.

Overall would you recommend the LISC to other LI fans?
Thankfully the vast majority of respondents would recommend LISC membership to other London Irish supporters!

  • 101 – Yes
  • 2 – No

Suggestions from Members
On the next page are the full range of Member comments and suggestions from the free form area of the survey. We have responded to each one. Continue reading….