Meet the Players 2017
Hazelwood – Wednesday 25th January 2017

Many thanks to all who attended the LISC Meet the Players 2017 evening at Hazelwood. We hope you all had a great evening.

I’m sure those who attended will agree that George Robson, Sebastian De Chaves and Ciaran Hearn were all on good form and were willing to answer almost any question thrown at them.


Various topics were covered including:
Brendan Venters visits; Why Seb & Tommy Bell chose to leave Leicester; What George did in his 6 week break; Ciaran extending his contract; Other positions they’d like to play; Post rugby career plans; Female referees; Squad rotation; and much more…..


Our thanks go to George Robson, Sebastian De Chaves & Ciaran Hearn and to those at London Irish & at Hazelwood who helped make this evening happen.