Page updated June 2018

Travel Advice for Home Matches

LISC Guide to the Championship 2018-19

Pre-season Friendly at Leicester Tigers – Friday 24th August

Train: When travelling by train, for most journeys, it is advisable to book well in advance in order to get the best fares. Train tickets can generally be booked about 12 weeks in advance, however from experience, the best time to book is about 8 to 10 weeks in advance – however it is advisable not to book until the TV schedules are known. Advance fares are generally only usable on the service you specify at the time of booking, so missing a train could be very costly.

For journeys wholly within the Network South-East area, often the cheapest journey is the Standard or Super off-peak day return, which can be bought on the day – this would be the case for such trips as Richmond, London Scottish & Ealing & Bedford. (for Bedford you may find some good deals with advance tickets). Also within this area, for those who are not entitled to buy one of the national rail cards, there is the Network railcard.

Coach: National Express coaches can generally be booked further in advance, however it is advisable not to book until the TV schedules are known.

The information contained in this section is obtained from the Train Operators’ websites and National Express website. Information is given as a guide to help supporters when planning their journeys. Engineering work often affects weekend rail travel, as such it is advisable to re-check plans a couple of weeks before travelling.
Please be aware the dates and times of matches are subject to change – particularly if the TV schedules have not been announced – however other factors, such as clashes with International matches and with football matches can also cause changes to match dates/times.

Car: For those driving to away matches, we will provide information from the away club on how to get there and where to park.

Tickets for Away Matches: Tickets for away matches can be purchased directly from the home club, in most case ticket can be obtained online or over the phone.
We will include details of ticket prices in the LISC Guide to the Championship.

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