Over 99% of LISC Membership Packs for the 2019-20 season have been sent out for LISC members whose subscriptions have been received.
Have you joined / renewed your LISC Membership for 2019-20 yet?

The easiest way to join LISC is online through the LISC Shop, however you can also pay by cheque, cash or set up a standing order. Click for full details.

If you have joined / renewed for the 2019-2020 season, but have not received your membership pack yet, please let us know when and how you paid.

If you pay by Standing Order, please check to ensure hat the standing order has gone through correctly at your end.
If so, please let us know the date the standing order was paid and any reference on the standing order.

For those who have paid online through the LISC Shop, could let us know the date you paid and if possible forward the confirmation email to us.

If you paid by Cheque, please check to see if the cheque has been cashed, and if so, could let us know the date the cheque was sent.

If you paid by Cash, if you can remember, please let us know when you did so.

We do have a small number of packs that have not been sent out as our records show more than one member at the address, but only one member has renewed so far.

All queries should be emailed to: membership@lisc.uk – it helps us if you could put LISC Membership in the subject field.