With the announcement of our AGM taking place at Hazelwood on Thursday October 17th, we will be losing several committee members who have been doubling up several positions in an effort to keep LISC running smoothly.

Edit: Register Your Attendance At the AGM

With these individuals stepping down, we have an urgent need for volunteers to step forward and nominate themselves for critical positions within the next month. Without volunteers to run the committee, there is a distinct possibility there will not be enough people to run the LISC.

In an effort to increase awareness and hopefully have more volunteers, the below short guide highlights what is required from each role;

  • Chairperson – The Chairperson is responsible for running LISC committee meetings which should run no less than once every 2 months as well as the AGM. There are no firm day to day responsibilities other than ensuring the committee runs smoothly and alongside the Treasurer ensuring bills are paid on time. Expected monthly commitment 5 hours.
  • Vice Chair – The Vice Chair will conduct meetings in the absence of the chairperson and outside of this, functions as a officer of the committee, helping make decisions alongside the other officers and attending committee meetings. Expected monthly commitment 4 hours.
  • Hon Treasurer – The Treasurer keeps track of LISC expenditure and income using online banking and spreadsheets and requires no specialist accounting or finance knowledge. They present each month the state of the LISC financials and help pay receipts and as an officer help run the LISC and vote on actions. Expected monthly commitment 5 hours.
  • Hon Secretary The Secretary records committee and AGM meeting minutes and actions and sends out prior minutes and agendas ahead of meetings. They ensure the smooth running of meetings and like the other officer positions help run the LISC. Expected monthly commitment 5 hours.

Outside of the above, there is usually communication with the rest of the committee via email on such tasks as;

  • Events
  • Matchday Setup
  • Merchandise Hosting and Delivery

It would be a great shame if we had no volunteers to run the LISC. Please consider if you can spare a few hours and if so what position you could put yourself forward for. Please click this link to email and nominate yourself ahead of the AGM next month.